How can I increase website traffic to my online store?

How can I attract more traffic to my website or online shop?

Hello, family! I hope 2023 has started on the right foot and your beautiful website will not be forgotten after the sales, like a Christmas tree.

Generate traffic on my website or online shop: my new year's wish

Web traffic is all the reach and visualizations of our website or profile on the Internet. Today I am going to talk about different ways to increase that traffic, as trends and technologies are constantly changing.

Six strategies to attract more users to our website

1 By content: get organic positioning

SEO: Content Optimization (or how to be the first of the class): 

For a user to find you among the first search engine results (mainly Google).

2 Buy traffic

SEM: Search Engine Marketing (or how to be everywhere):

Make sure that your potential customers see you. The advantage of investing some money in it is that the advertising (for example, with Google Ads) is directed to those who are interested in your business. But I don't recommend doing it without a clear strategy.

3 Through social networks

You can upload to TikTok or Instagram videos of how you work, publications about your web posts... It also exists the paid option, Facebook Ads.

4 E-mail marketing

Send a little message to your customers' mailbox from time to time to remind them that you exist. We already talked about how to do strategic email marketing and not spam in the blog.

5 Influencer marketing

You can pay or incentivize in some way an influential person to spread what you want to promote.  

6 Branding

Elon Musk is the CEO of a company, but he has worked hard on his personal brand so that you don't even need to say TESLA to know that he is in charge. As Fruco, from Frucomedia, you know... ;)+

And that's all, folks! And by all I mean that this is just the beginning. If you have any doubts you know where to find me ??.