How not to do Spam when doing Email Marketing
Email marketing is a great tool to achieve strategic objectives but, be careful my friends, you have to know how to do it properly so we don't do very common mistakes that don't benefits us at all: sending spam or giving the feeling of it.
One of the main differences between doing it right or wrong is very simple: the permission that users give us to receive the emails in the case of proper email marketing and opposite when they treat our emails as spam. Its sending, in this second case, is indiscriminate, without any type of segmentation or defined target, not right with other words.
Once we have that point solved and our distribution list well configured and segmented, let's focus on how can we do an effective email marketing campaign and not end up doing spam? In the end it is about selling a product or service through email but there are different techniques to do it really well. Let's see some of the most important ones:
  • The subject of the mail. It is definitely a crucial point of the campaign,  can be the mail factor whether the email is opened or sent stright away to the trash. 
  • Identify well who is going to receive that email and also explain why you are sending it. Leave really clear the contact details and a link to unsubscribe.
  • Segment. Each person is different and not everyone has the same interests. If you want your campaign to have a good opening and conversion rate it is important that you segment your recipients so that they receive the most appropriate email to their interests
  • If your recipient has opened the mail, cograts!. Now it's time to work on the content. Is essential that you work the introduction (to get attention from the beginning), the main text where you explain the reason of that email (make it visually attractive to continue maintaining the attention of your reader) and especially in the call to action so that the user ends up clicking somewhere that directs him to our site/producto or service.

How to get the mail to reach the inbox folder and not the spam one?

There are a lot of techniques but it is essential that you:
  • Choose a good platform to work your email marketing campaigns. I use Mailchimp.
  • You have your database of subscribers up to date.
  • Don't use spam words.
  • You take care of the layout of the mail.
  • Include HTML/Text version.
  • Do not send attachments.
  • Test it before sending it.
  • Verify that your domain or IP s not already in a blacklist.