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In Frucomedia each new project is carefully studied in detail with the client. Establishing common objectives, assessing resources, prioritising, brainstorming and analysing the competition are all crucial if we want to make your website a success and achieve the best results. I also offer a personalised approach and continuous tracking on every project. I will adapt your website so that it appears at the top of search engine results lists.

Web Design and Development

With a huge portfolio of web design projects under our belt, and a bunch of satisfied customers, I'm certain that I can help you to craft the website of your dreams. Quality and value for money come as standard. But it’s not just about the pretty stuff. As well as sleek, functional design, Frucomedia has the skills to create a back-end system that will support your website.

SEO and Online Marketing

The internet is a confusing place. With so many websites out there, how can you make your corner of cyberspace stand out from all the rest? A good Google ranking is essential for making your site a success. FrucoMedia SEO can help you tailor your website so it will rank well and get those all-important clicks.

Social Networking

We know that people spend more hours each day on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and other social networks, but getting millions of "friends" and "followers" is not easy. It is essential for your business or company to connect and participate in those spaces, but beware, do it right, as something more than a mere brand presence.

Photography and Video

I’ve got the equipment and skills to cover parties, corporate events, weddings… You name it, I can do it. You will have quality photos to reflect your brand in the best possible way and I also can record and edit videos to present your business/company and have then a greater impact on the network.

Personalized Service

My motto is to have always feedback from the client, with the utmost possible adaptation to their needs through flexibility and creativity.

Choose Frucomedia. You dream it, I do it!