Cheap and Cheerful

Can I have a dozen please =)

One of the most typical questions and more difficult to answer is one which almost every customer asks already in the first contact: How much will my website cost?

I think I do it easy for everyone. I work under "Taximeter Policy": the number of hours I work, the number of hours I charge, no more no less. Always with a previous estimation though.

You have to know though that every project is a different one and I have to evaluate the following variables and study them in detail in order to make a proper quote:

  • Project needs.
  • Type of client. Location.
  • Time-frames.
  • Resources required by the client once the project is completed.
  • Client needs.
So, the more information of the project you have, the more accurate I'll make the estimation.

Remember, that website is not an expense but an investment, is designed to generate a profit either directly (by selling online for example) or indirectly (advertising and marketing).

Pricing per Role


from 55€ p.hour

Painting and Coloring
  • Branding Identity Design
  • Web Design


from 55€ p.hour

Vini. Vidi. Codi.
  • App's Development
  • Custom Web Development


from 55€ p.hour

Thinking and Executing
  • Project Management
  • Everything will be alright

Layout Designer

from 55€ p.hour

Bringing Design to life
  • From Photoshop to HTML
  • Templates, themes, newsletters,...

How to start?

It's very simple, you contact me, tell me what you want, I estimate it accurately and if you are happy with it, I put hands into business straight away. If you need a website, application, online shop, blog or... you've had the "super idea" of launching a "new" social network like Facebook =P, no problem at all, I am your man.