Choosing a Web Hosting for your Website

What hosting to choose for my website? Dedicated, shared or VPS server.


Well, like everything in this life, it depends! How much traffic or visits will your page or web application receive? Is it an online store? Do you have a large volume of files/data? Do you need a higher level of reliability and/or security? Is it necessary to have more software control and root access to the server?
Yes, many questions to be asked before hiring one or the other.

At Frucomedia we offer Hosting services and, depending on the client, we study each case before hosting the project.

But I think I can be very honest with you and tell you that after many years of working with web projects, a shared hosting plan is a good option for those small businesses or freelancers looking to host a corporate or personal website, landing page or a blog. Something simple without a lot of traffic.

For those who are looking for better performance and reliability, for example for an ecommerce business with online shop, and need to boost sales, manage a large number of visits and simultaneous transactions without the service going down, we usually work with VPS servers, as they allow us greater scalability and speed when loading websites; we know that no company wants to risk losing customers and we can't risk gambling with server performance.

And when businesses grow and we see that we need much more in terms of performance and security to develop a strong online presence, or we start to have more domains to host under the same umbrella of a company, we lean towards tbe dedicated server option.

Any doubts?

Do not worry, I will advise you to choose the type of web hosting that best meets the needs of your project. Call me, I answer =)