How can I jump-start my website for the Christmas campaign?

There’s no need to tell you that Christmas is almost here, as we can see in every shop or mall with all of those shiny Santa and sparkling stars. For those among you who weren’t able to plan the Christmas campaign, in this post you will find some tips to boost your website.


Or how to sell more in little time. It consists of substantial promotions for a short period of time, even just one day. For example, I can offer 30% discount in all my products for 24h, then 20% for the next 24h… and so on. Important tip – let the client have the time to think a bit about it.


This is a must, if you can afford it and you haven’t ever offered it on your website. No extra charges? Yes, please! Don’t see it as a lost, but as an investment.


You can create an outlet section for helping your clients find quality & good price, while you will sell those product surpluses. Such a win-win situation!


For example, send a newsletter with ideas of special gifts. But please, avoid Mariah Carey’s songs on it.



And that’s it! There are a lot of possibilities, and I will be glad to read some of your original ideas in your comments. If you need help with your Christmas campaign, do not hesitate to contact me =). Merry Christmas!