I need a website, what information do I need to know how much will cost me?

Hello everyone, today I have decided to talk to you about an issue that I have to deal with 90% of the times that I receive a request for an estimte of a design or development for a new website: the necessary information to prepare a proper quote (with no 

So I'm going to write the questions that I usually ask my customers in order to be able to quote their projects properly:

  1. 1 Do you have a brand/logo design or do you also need these services?
  2. 2 Do you have a domain and hosting or do you also need these services?
  3. 3 Define the type of potential client you are going to have.
  4. 4 In how many and what languages ??do you need the website?
  5. 5 Structure of the site. Sitemap with all tabs/pages. Do you need a special section on the website?
  6. 6 Name a few websites you like and why. Also websites you don't like and why.
  7. 7 Have a rough idea of ??how much you want/can invest in the project
  8. 8 How long do you have in mind to finish the project and start running it?
  9. 9 Other needs or functionalities of the project.


In case that what you need is an Ecommerce or, I would also add these three questions:

  1. 10 Shipping costs and different payment methods that the online store will have.
  2. 11 Any extra functionality in the store?
  3. 12 Who will be in charge of inserting the products?


That's it. I'm sure you are thinking that there are a lot of things for you to take into account before asking for a quote. Actually yes, the truth is that in order to get a proper estimate by an agency/designer, it would be necessary to have a summary with the project specifications or a document with all the points named above well detailed.

Hope you found this article interesting. If you need anything, don't hesitate in contacting me.

Thanks for reading =)