Iconography in Web Design
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Iconography in Web Design

Iconography can help you to make your website stand out from your competitors as well as personalize it and help users to surf it properly.

There are times when we need to rely on icons to convey what we want. Apart from being useful to replace them with words, they are also useful when it comes to informing us what a paragraph is about in a simple glance.

Personalized Icons Web Design - Conciencia y Nutrición

Personalized icons examples in Web Design - Conciencia y Nutrición

In addition to giving life and color to the website and transmitting information in a faster way we have another advantage. Iconography gives us an opportunity: to transmit our brand and our own ideas. To give a much more personal image of ourselves and differentiate ourselves by means of an iconography in accordance with our identity. Playing with our corporate colors and the drawing of our image at the time of making the iconography, gives us a remarkable personality and reinforces our brand. Anyone who knows us and sees an icon, will quickly associate it with our company and, who does not know us at all, there is no doubt that they will be interested, since with a simple touch, you are giving a clear sign that you are worried about your first impression, your image.

We are in a time in which the design is acquiring a great value in society. We have the opportunity to make a difference ... Are we going to miss it?

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