Two tools for Social Media to make your life easier

Many of my clients who are starting with their social media or want to improve it, ask me for applications or tools to make the task easier... This article is about the two tools that I recommend if you want to succeed in your social media and you should already be using. Also, now that we are in the middle of the summer and many of you are on vacation they will help you to organize your publications while you are away.

These two tools will not only help you managing and feeding your social media, will also provide you with a bunch of tools to optimize your updates for greater conversion and success.

1 - Hootsuite


This one is what I call a "must" if you want to feel and work as a professional community manager. Especially if you work with more than one social network.

Hootsuite - Administrar Redes Sociales

Hootsuite allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram, well, in the last one it allows you to schedule publications but requires a last permission from the app at the time of publishing, and for that reason I recommend the second tool below…

Hootsuite offers you very complete analysis of how your content are working on different social networks to help you decide how, when and most of all what to publish. It also creates customizable reports, graphs and statistics, very useful to draw conclusions about whether we are working well with our networks or we have some areas to improve, such as knowing if we are publishing our content in the time slot in which our audience and followers are more active.

It has a highly recommended free version, more than enough for all those who want to start to reed their brand in a more organized and optimized way.

2 - Planoly


This tool allows us to create a calendar with different Instagram entries uploading the images from our computer/mobile phone (or even from Dropbox or Google Drive) and responds to the problem of being able to fully schedule and publish our pictures on Instagram .

Planoly - Administrar Instagram

Through drag & drop technology, we can modify the order of our publications and quickly preview how our timeline will look.

Like hootsuite, planoly offers reports and graphs of the results of our previous publications and gives us guidelines and clues to better understand our followers and optimize our future publications. Also helps us to manage comments and responses from the platform itself, which makes the task of keeping our community active and up-to-date a lot easier.



Well, I hope you you’ve found this article interesting and of course, if you use other tools to manage your social media, please write a comment below and explain us your experiences with them.