The importance of the texts of your web page

Why do you have to take care of the texts on your website?

In order to have a website which gives you the result you are expecting (in terms of SEO, user experience and conversions) you must take into account what you write in it and, above all, how you write it.
Text connects to readers. The combination of images and texts is what will move our user to take some action: we will get him to buy a product, hire a service or subscribe to a newsletter.
When we think about the design of a web page, we must take into account the different texts that will be part of it.
It is important that your texts:
  • are original
  • are organized and optimized
  • have a clear objective
  • users can understand them
  • ask for opinion or interact with the reader in some way. "Conversion" would be the right word.
A web written by people for people is the one that will end up reaching right users and will have best conversion. Although it's true that we must have in mind what Google wants and how it wants in order to be above our competitors, we must not forget that whoever reads us, in the end, is someone of flesh and blood, not just a robot that will determine in what position we appear in the search results.