Wallpapers from Iceland
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Wallpapers from Iceland

A few days ago I found some photos on my hard-drive I made a couple of years ago on a trip to Iceland, and I thought it would be nice to use one as a wallpaper for my laptop. As it was hard to decide which one to use and all seemed to be quite good, I put them into the "Stories" of my Instagram so the few (but good) followers I have, could vote for the one they like the most and so, help me opt for one or the other ...

The thing was so successful, that I thought it would be kind to share all the wallpapers, and not only the winner, with all of you and so you can make your screens, mobile/laptop/tablet or desktop, look much more prettier with a photo from Iceland.

Wallpaper Glaciar - Iceland - by Frucomedia

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It's a fact that I love to travel and even though I can not afford to be out there exploring the whole year, I hope!, and I can only make one trip or two per year, thanks to the invaluable help of my partner Arantxa, I usually bring home good photos in the suitcase, so if the feedback is positive, maybe this section will grow in the near future with more photos and even create a specific downloads section on this website ... but step by step ... Do you think it's a good idea? Did you like these photos? Leave your comment below please. Thank you!