How much does a website cost?
One of the most typical questions that all clients ask me at the first contact is ...

How much will my website cost?

There are many variables and you already know what happens in this kind of projects: you can only choose two of these three options:
Good, Fast and Cheap.
The three of them in the same project is impossible. If it's good and cheap it will not be fast, if it's fast and good it will not be cheap, and if it's cheap and fast it will not be good. ;)
Cheap, Fast, Good - Projects

How is a web page budgeted?

The cost of designing/developing your website is reduced to four resources:
  • Weather
  • Technical knowledge
  • Design skills
  • Money
Frucomedia can be in charge of the first three resources, and the client has to take care of the fourth one.
When we talk about the cost of designing a site we refer to the different kinds that exist:
  • Informative website or landing page
  • Corporate website
  • Ecommerce - online store
  • Web application run by database
In all of them, we must take into account some components and costs that are common and indispensable:
  • 1. Domain (10-25 €/year)
  • 2. Web hosting - Shared or own server (5-thousands of €)
  • 3. Content Manager (CMS) - Open Source or custom development (0-thousands of €)
  • 4. Plugins or modules associated with that CMS (0 - hundreds of €)
  • 5. Web Design - Template or customized (0-thousands of €)
  • 6. Web Layout (€ 100 - thousands of €)
  • 7. SEO (€ 100 - thousands of €)
Other points that you must consider
There are other aspects that can carry extra costs:
  • Copywriting.
  • Translations.
  • Photograph /Video.
  • Graphic/multimedia design.
  • Integration with external applications.
  • Import/export databases.
  • Maintenance and/or Training.