The importance of email for your business

Email is such an integrated tool in our personal and professional lives that we may not be giving it the importance it deserves. It seems that it has always been there and we forget that it fulfills an essential function in any company or for any self-employed person.

The mail is a quick and easy to manage. We even think that has to be free, since companies such as Google with Gmail or Microsoft with Hotmail, have been giving away for years accounts for free. But be careful my friend, one thing is to have a personal email address and another one to have a professional one and use it in a company.

Do you think it looks professional to send a work proposal or answer a budget request from ""? Evidently not. Even if you put your own name, the image doesn’t end up being completely professional. In my opinion not as much as it should.

Having a personalized email address with your domain, for example "" is going to cost you money, not much, do not worry, but as in everything in this life, if we want a quality service it’s necessary to invest some money, and more if it’s a work tool as important as e-mail.

For example. People spend 1,000 euros on a mobile phone or 9 euros per month on Spotify (me too and I think it’s great). But there are those who are not so kind with investing 5 euros per month (three coffees) that would cost to have a self-hosted e-mail account in Google G Suite.

Advantages of using G Suite

Maybe you're wondering, Fruco, but what is Google G Suite? Well it is a package of applications that Google has hosted on their own servers and work as services in the cloud, so you won’t have to download or install anything on your computer.

The main advantages of having email hosted in G Suite are:

  • Less infrastructure costs and technical assistance. The mail is stored safely in the Google servers.
  • Mail with security filters and anti-spam.
  • More creative solutions to organize and work with your mail and contacts.
  • Possibility of working as a team at a distance and in real time, sharing calendars, documents, files, etc.
  • Access to these services from any site or computer and when you need it.
  • More collaboration options with clients, co-workers ...
  • 30GB storage capacity for your email.
  • Instant messaging application to facilitate communication.


Applications that are included in G Suite

Thus, G Suite, in addition to the mail app (gmail) that I see very attractive, gives you the option to access applications with professional use such as:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Talk
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sites
  • Google Video
  • Google Drive


Why do I tell you all this?

I will be honest, with our long experience offering web hosting services/email I have to confess that out of every 10 incidents I receive related to this service, eight are related to email and I’ll be more thank happy to see clients choosing the “expensive” option and asking me to host their email addresses in G Suite. =)

One last thing! If you are interested in trying the Google G Suite application, I have 20% discount vouchers for the first year. So write me an email at or comment on this post and I'll send one to you.