How to optimize your website made in WordPress
Today I want to tell you some tricks and simple tools to optimize your website made in WordPress. 
I want to explain why it is important that your website loads fast. First of all, to give the user a good experience. Do you also close pages which take more than four seconds to load? Hey! We are talking about seconds. That's how we are nowadays: impatient!. And if it takes longer, we close it and look for another one.
But not only this, the loading speed also affects the SEO of your page. Google doesn't like anything that makes your website slow. In the end, it tries to show the best results to its users.
And, of course is also essential for page conversions. If your page loads well, user experience is alright, feels comfortable and confident to navigate and what you offer is attractive, you have lot of chances of someone buying your product or hiring your services.

But Fruco, how do I optimize my WordPress page?

Let's see how to optimize your website made in WordPress:
  • Use a professional theme. Bet for a good template, well designed and developed
  • Install plugins to optimize your website for mobile. Access to the Internet through mobile devices is becoming more frequent. In fact, according to IAB Spain's 2017 Annual Mobile Marketing Study, three of four Spanish people buy online from their mobile phones.
  • No unnecessary plugins. You will need plugins, of course, but do not get so many or you will end up slowing down the site. Even if you have them deactivated, better delete them completely from your hosting.
  • Bet on a quality hosting.
  • Optimize images for web. The size and weight of the photos affects the loading speed of your page.
  • Compresses and minifies the output of HTML, CSS and JS files from the pages of your Wordpress. Plugins like WP Super Cache offer the possibility of enabling HTTP compression and others like Autoptimize include the possibility of optimizing HTML, Javascript and CSS code.
  • Use tools such as Google PageSpeed ??or Gtmetrix to check the performance and speed of your web page. You will also get relevant information on how to improve and optimize your website to load faster.
If you take care of these basic aspects, you will be able to optimize your page made in WordPress.
If you need help to optimize your Wordpress or have any questions, here is Fruco to help you! Please write your questions or comment your experiences with the optimization of websites in WordPress in the comments section that you will find below.
Ah! Merry Christmas ... =)