The importance of photography on your website
The pictures on your website matters a lot!
Do you think photography is not important for your website? You're wrong! That's why today I want to talk to you about how choosing the right images will enhance your brand. It is about showing your professionalism; the photos you choose for your page should talk about what your brand is. Whether it's a personal website, an online store, a service company... Photographs are essential!
If you are offering a professional service, for example, do not forget to include images of the human team, because you want someone to choose you as a supplier, it is essential that you see who is behind the work. Let's humanize, boys!
In the online world the feedback through the screen is vital. Let's make "real" who is behind the screen. This will make your brand closer and more accessible to anyone who reaches it.
What should you keep in mind when thinking about your photos for your website? Let's see with a few tips that might help you.
  1. Invest on professionals. The stock photos can be cool and useful for you at some point, but be careful because they will not transmit the same as a photo taken by a professional.
  2. The user will return. A website with a well written text and some quality photos (which do not weigh too much to load well) ensures the return of the user.
  3. Google will thank you. If your page bets on the quality of content and photos and the loading time is good you will have good positions in the search results. If, on the other hand, when not being cared for you hardly receive visitors and the web takes a thousand hours to load forget the top positions.
I know that it is very tempting and cheap, to look for the image/photo that we need in Google Images but cheap can end up being expensive, most of those images are not free of copyright and if they "catch us" we can be sued for their use.