Essentials for building your brand on Social Media

This article is a bit meant for all people who want to learn a little more about how to position their brand in social networks or enhance their profiles in some way or another.

I try to encourage my clients to work hard on social networks, as I sincerely think that it is a very powerful tool and well managed can be even vital for a brand or business to succeed.

Among other points, a good presence in social networks can help us to:

  • Give more visibility to our brand and position it in an online/digital environment 24/7
  • Distinguish ourselves from our competition
  • Attract potential customers and a target audience
  • Generate a quality community

Yes, I have put only four points but please think in how important they are all. So, I'm going to detail some advice that I usually give my clients when it comes to working with social networks.

Have a goal

Having a goal is imperative, without knowing which is our purpose we will never reach it. The most common ones would be: customer loyalty, increase the reputation of the brand, sell and/or promote products and/or services. It would be appropriate for to be realistic and as specific as possible with our goal.

Choose which social networks you want to work with

Define the channels and choose which social networks are more interesting for your brand and in which you want to have presence and work with.

Every social network has its language

We must generate different or specific content in each platform. Every social network has its specifications, its language, how to tag or upload photos, etc...

Write authentic and quality content

People is saturated with so much information that comes through different channels. Try to share things with enough quality to stand out, doesn’t matter if it’s an article, a video or a Photo.

Take care of your community

First of all: You must listen and help your users/followers and their needs/problems and try to transform them into business opportunities.