The basic SEO principles you should know

Tips to make a website optimized for SEO

I'd like to leave you a few personal tricks that may help you to do a best SEO for your website:
  • When you write down the META tags of a web page, always put yourself in the skin of a user, not a search engine, think on what you would look for and what words a normal person would use to find your page.
  • Use images that give strength to your posts but optimize them well. They should be less than 200Kb, name them in some way that will help search engines to find them (nothing like DCIMXXX.jpg) and always fill the ALT (alternative text) tag.
  • If you have a web page with enough traffic, use it to link to other pages of your website using links and mentions. Besides the SEO advantages, it will help you to have a better navigation performance in your site.
  • Spend some time with Google Webmaster Tools from time to time, you will find out how the search engine sees your website and the pages it contains and improve the performance of it.
  • As Google announced at the beginning of this year 2017, it is vital to have an SSL certificate installed so that the web always works with the HTTPS protocol. Especially if your web has an online store or you save user data in some way.
  • When writing your content, use many variants and synonyms of the keywords you want to work with. Not all users think alike and use the same words.
  • Enjoy writing! Whatever you do, it is important that you do it at ease, so if you are going to write an article to attract traffic to your page, look for a topic that you like, it is certainly reflected in the content and users will value it positively. Do not rifle other pages, create original content that is useful to your readers =)


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