¿What the hell is CTA in Web Design?

If you have a web page or online store, you may have heard of the importance of having a Call to Action (CTA). Does it sound like Chinese to you? To give you a hint, the "contact" or "read more" buttons are actually clear examples of CTA, but there is much more behind these buttons you might want to know.


Call to Action - Vinacos


Why it is so important to have a Call to Action on your website


Users are impatient by nature. They want to get into a website and find everything they want fast and with the minimum clicks as possible, so you should'nt make them waste their time (especially if you want to sell). That's why you'll have to locate the most important buttons like contact, call, buy now, read more information, check price, etc where users can find them easily just with a quick view over the page. A well placed CTA will make a big difference to conversion of your goals. 

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