How the hell do I upload pictures to the internet?

Mini guide to upload images to the internet

What are the benefits of optimizing images?

Diseño Web - Beneficios de subir fotos de forma óptima a internet

  • Customer acquisition
  • Beauty
  • Search engine optimization. 


Preparing Image Files Before Uploading

Diseño Web - Subir Fotos de Calidad a Internet


We will need images with 72dpi of resolution, max 2000px and "weigh" as less as possible (50Kb will be perfect)


What size is more suitable for images uploaded to social networks?




Diseño Web - Como subir fotos a Fecebook

  • Square: your images will show up 470px x 470px. So 900px x 900px will be perfect
  • Horizontal: will show up with 470px width and a high relative to this width. We recommend then 1024px x 512px.
  • Vertical: Facebook will adpat your your imate to 394px high and a width relative to this high. We recommend then 500px x 700px.
  • Link: when you sahre a link, it will adapt to 470px x 246px, so a right size would be 1025px x 512px.



Diseño Web - Como subir fotos a Twitter

  • Picture in a Tweet: 1024px x 512px
  • Twitter Cards: 800px x 320px



Diseño Web - Como subir fotos a Instagram

  • Square: 1080px x 1080px
  • Vertical: 1080px x 1350px
  • Horizontal: 1080px x 566px


Don't know how to upload pictures to the internet yet? No problem, contact us, we will help and advise you on everything necessary to do it properly and do it optimally so pictures don't have negative consequences in your current search engyne optimization.