Chefatleta - Personal Project
Hello there!
As you can imagine and I always point out, we've been very busy late on working on a lot of interesting projects for our clients =) til here, nothing new buut... we have also started a new and exciting project: Chefatleta
Chefatleta is a meeting point for athletes, runners and athletes who are concerned about their food and want to have a varied and balanced diet. Food and fun with this gastronomic touch of good food in a healthy way. 
Healthy and easy recipes, food and workout plans, events, courses, show cooking... and much more. Becuase enjoying sport and healthy food can be done in good company.
If you want to stay aware of latest news, check all the recipes and tips we upload to our site, know firsthand where are the upcoming events, or contact us, you can visit or follow us in twitter (@chefatleta), facebook (/Chefatleta) o Instagram (@chefatleta).
¡Go go go!