2015 - No Work no Progress

I told you 2015 would be a nice year....

We are very busy working but the truth is that we can not complain as we enjoy a lot with each new project.

We had not updated the portfolio on the last couple months and the truth is that we have launched several tidbits lately on, such as:

Due-Effe -   Brand ReDesign + Web

ThirdWay Africa -  Brand Design + Corporative Website

Furry & Classy -  Brand ReDesign + Ecommerce

3enPunto -  Brand ReDesign + Ecommerce

Hurtado -  Web Design and Development - Ecommerce

Cabinet BCN -  Web ReDesign + Ecommerce

We'd like to thank our clinents who've trusted us and wish them the best luck. I hope you like the different projects. In all of them we have worked, as always, with a lot of #love. =)