Frucomedia: New design and video

Well, finally Frucomedia has a NEW WEBSITE! Good news, isn't it?

Actually I've been thinking for a long time in renewing it but all the work that I have and do for my clients is keeping me terribly busy.

The truth is that it all started with the video, by the way … Have you seen it? What do you think? Please comment your thoughts and share it my friends...



So, you will agree that a video so well done, professional and with a big effort behind, thanks to Carlos Val (script, direction and editing), Alberto Pérez (camera and Postpro) and David White (Postpro ) deserved to be launched on a new website, so I rejected to have life during nights, weekends and banking days... at with the result of "habemus new website". More or less, the site map is the same but I updated services.

Hope you like it. I'm looking forward to your feedback and remember: if you need a website, I am your man!

Best Regards