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New Site - Lumtec

Hi there,

Yes is true, most of you will already know... we've spent most of our weekend and thanks to this late-cold and rainy autumn looking for mushrooms (thing that we like very much), but not in working days, from Monday to Friday we've been working, working and working, working hard we must say, but that's not a problem for us, because we love what we do and like Steve Jobs once said, "we stay hungry, we stay foolish"... =)

To the point, we've been, are and will be in new and interesting projects, projects where we can make the most of us and learn from them as well.

Projects like the one has just been released today, say hello to Lumtec. A website for a company specialized in Electronic Controlgear for Lighting.

Hope you like it! We think it's simple, clean and very user friendly in every platform, web, tablet and mobile phone.

You can visit it in

As always, the site has been designed and developed with all our love from Frucomedia.