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New Design Inosolo
Hi there! How is it going with the change of temperatures?
I’m in the studio most of the time (busy as hell) so I hardly go out of it and I have not noticed that we are almost reaching the cold winter we usually have in Zaragoza.
Changing in her wardrobe summer clothes for winter ones, Arantxa, photographer of Inosolo, decided she needed a new design for her site in order to make it more visual and adapted to all kinds of devices (Responsive Design is called).
As I’m very close to her at my desk and she can slap me just reaching out her arm, I have been forced to make it good, fast and cheap, very cheap =)
Have a look to the new website I did for Inosolo Photography and please tell us what you think, you can do it on FaceboookTwitter and Instagram.
Thanks you guys!