Spring time in Frucomedia
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Spring time in Frucomedia
It smells like spring...  in my case: mentol Kleenex, Strepsils and also mothballs, which I blame for the cold that I have after looking for summer clothes in my wardrobe (too soon).
Sick or not sick, I've been very busy. One of the last things that I have done is to develop a new section for Vinacos!. It is a historical with the wines from all previous months so you can buy those that you liked more...
By the way, on Sunday the 5th of May is Mother's Day in Spain! If you have not bought anything yet, I'd like to recommend you Regálame Flores (the photo above is of one of their bouquets), a website I'm working on optimization.
Take this opportunity to announce that very soon I will present in Frucomedia juicy news! Stay tuned!