New Design - Yporquenosolo

Hi all,
Do you know Yporquenosolo? Yes, it is a site that offers trips for people who want to travel by their own. Perhaps the following video will help you to understand better:

Well, we have special affection for this project because it was one of our first jobs. Recently we were asked to redesign their website and are glad to announce that we have launched it already. Among other features, we are happy we have added all the information for each of the trips that they organize and also the layout in HTML5 and responsive design, meaning that the structure will be adapted to the device from which the site is visited (either computer, tablet or smartphone).

Hope you like it! We think it's simple, clean and very user friendly in every platform, web, tablet and mobile phone.

You can visit it in

As always, the site has been designed and developed with all our love from Frucomedia.